What is a Teacup Dogs

What is a Teacup Dogs

Teacup Dog

Teacups are awfully tiny dogs,they will fit in a teacup. Teacups are also named as:

  • miniature breeds
  • toy dog breeds
  • micro dogs

Size of 1 year old teacup puppy measures at 42 CM or lessand normally weight 2 KG or less at maturity. However, they don’t have fixed size because teacups were not a regulated or certified breed.

Types of Teacup Dog

There are no exact breeds for teacups, as mentioned earlier they are no regulated recognized breed. Though, common teacup breed favorites include:

Risk of Teacups

These are the few reasons why should we seriously avoid buying teacups.
Teacups are attractive and getting popular as fashion dog, but lot of people don’t care that teacups are just weak puppies. Teacups raised to be a smallest dog possible.
Teacups are product of intended and unintended breeding. Some teacup puppies were weakest of the disorder. Which means owners who spent big amount for these tiny dogs will fooled, as there don’t have assurance of the growth to become a fixed size dog of its breed.
In other hand, teacups are the outcome of breeding tiny dogs of a certain breed. Breeding of teacups area fully safe for the puppies as well as mother. Because the mother will be so small, of course she will only give birth to a few puppies, so there are often birth problems.
Again teacup puppies are very high in demand and can be sold for good price, breeders got high income from selling puppies .

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