The Truth of Teacup Puppies


The Truth of Teacup Puppies

When Paris Hilton presented her Chihuahua on media there is a huge incitement of interest about teacups which can be fit in a small purse and good for show off. In other hand due to teacups size they will face into lot of medical illnesses.

They have been basically bred to be as tiny as possible. Teacups weigh always around 5Lbs or lesser than that. We can see lot of teacup varieties, teacup Poodles, Teacup Yorkie & teacup Pugs. These are the most popular teacups include Maltese,Shih Tzus and Pomeranians. Always teacup dogs breeders try to create the tiniest teacup pup as possible, says Dr. Cathy Meeks (a board-certified internal medicine specialist and a group medical director at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Tampa, Florida).

How ever occasionally some dogs selected for breeding are small due to a birth defect or other medical condition. “Health risks for these tiny dogs are significant,” says Dr. Judy Morgan (holistic veterinarian and author of several books). “This is not a natural breeding situation. It is an unnatural practice by breeders looking for a marketing edge.” This is mainly based with a price. Rate of teacups are thousands of dollars.

Advantages of Having a Teacup

Pup which fits in a pocket has probable advantages. Owner can carry him anywhere without much hassle when compared to other dogs, Of course they are getting much attention from your friends. Teacups don’t require lot of food and preventative medications. It is cheap for your pocket.

Biggest advantage for owners who live in less facilities like who lives in apartments with some pet size limitation sand who can only provide short walks.   According to vet Doctors, common health matter for teacup dogs include hypoglycemia, heart defects, collapsing trachea, seizures, respiratory, digestive problems, and blindness.

Due to practices of breedersit will lead to an increased danger for liver shunts, says Meeks. Liver shunts means inherited birth defects in teacups that affect the liver’s skill to flush out toxins. For liver shunts treatment it will cost up to $5,000. In other hand lot of teacups are also predisposed to developing dental matters.

Second thing is baby teeth are not fall out as usual, and this is common for vets to remove baby teeth when the animal is neutered. Next issue due to size is patella luxuriation, or sliding kneecap, this will directly involve teacup dog’s capability to walk. This disorder will frequently create the pup more disposed to arthritis. Teacups may also be predisposed to rising hydrocephalus, basically this is due to water on the brain.

Possible Hazards for Tiny Teacups

Blood sugar levels could drop hazardously low if they misses even one meal and it will lead to seizures or even death. Teacups can’t handle cooler weather, so they need sweaters in cool weather. Bones of teacups are more fragile will break easily, so always owners will have to look after them and don’t let them to even jump from sofa.   Teacups low blood sugar and body temperature issue can similarly lead to difficulties in the operating room.

Surgeons have to take care the operation, because teacups doesn’t outlast the blood sugar reserves or doctors have to give essential supplements. In other hand doctors have to think about the animals warm as body temperature descents under anesthesia. Doctors tells it’s prefer if breeders not to create the miniature pups due to their probable health harms.

However if some one wants to have one, they always need to confirm whether breeder is a reputable breeder or not. For this owners need to waste some time. According to my knowledge no one wants to see our pet suffer. So it’s better to go for healthier options.

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