The Teacup Pug is Actually a Cross Breed

The Teacup Pug Cross Breed

When we talks about little pets, cutest are given to dogs.  Though there were wide varieties of small pets out there nowadays, pooches will secure the largest portion. But there are one dog type extremely cute which is called Teacup Pug, one of the tiniest and utmost adorable rather than other dog breed.

The Pugs are not a purebred dogs,they are kind of hybrid. Lot of people get confused about this matter. Some people who don’t familiar with the subject believe that these pups are a type all of their own. 
However the truth is these puppies are generally crossed among Pugs and Chihuahuas. Result of this cross breeding this breed converted to tiny size.  Therefore when you are thinking on buying one of these wonderful tiny pet, keep in mind that this breed is not a purebred dog.

Even though their little size is very desirable they will lead to some health issues.  If a female Chihuahua dog is selected, a C section will be required since the puppies will be too huge for her to deliver.
There were some several cases reported in past that caused deceases of puppies and the mother dog.  Never the less lot of breeders are take care on to this issue and will taking appropriate precautions in advance. Before you purchase make sure when picking a breeder to inquire about their breeding practices, so that you can confirm no pets were harmed in the process.

Occasionally lot of these designer dogs are breed only for profit as well as some breeders are less than specialized. These pets will be ended up in puppy mills around the country due to their huge popularity.

So if you need to purchase one of these animals as a pet, be sure you do your job and look for a trustworthy breeder.  Keep this in mind never buytea cup pugs from Sunday markets or at a roadside stalls because you no idea about the condition of the animal and breeder.  So always take precautions and a specialized breeder, which will lead you to a super cute pooch.

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