The Real Information About Teacup Pugs

The Real Information About Teacup Pugs

The TeaCup pugs is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. This dog is considered as a favorite pet due to its cute looks which differs in different actions . Male pugs are around 12 – 14 inches in height, while female pugs are 10 – 12 inches in height. Although they are the largest dogs in the toy breed category, they are still small in size.

Teacup pugs are not a separate breed. Teacup pugs are the result of breeding small pugs so that this genetic defect is carried on to produce even smaller pugs

To your Knowledge ..

Tea cup pups are not separate breeds. The term ‘teacup’ is used to refer to the size of these dogs. Before purchasing a teacup you should know the proper details of the pet.
Similar to pugs, teacup pugs are compact, muscular dogs with square features. They have a heavily wrinkled face with a black, snub-nosed snout. These dogs have an even temperament and are very friendly in nature. Pug puppies as well as adults are very playful and love to ‘box’ their toys with their feet.

They do not require a lot of exercise and a short daily walk, with some light playtime at home, is enough for them. Their wrinkles need frequent cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dirt in them. Also, daily brushing of the coat will help keep shedding to a minimum, and keep it clean and sleek.


The Half breed pugs are the pups ,Teacup pugs, are always obtained by mating 2 genetically defective parent pugs. These pugs are also called toy pugs, miniature pugs, mini pugs or micro mini pugs. They are so tiny that they can easily fit into tea cups. This fact is always highlighted by irresponsible breeders to sell them off to unwary customers. These pugs are actually called ‘runt’ by many breeders. They are smaller than their litter mates and are always weaker.


Crossbred Teacup pugs are also half breeds. They are half breeds obtained by crossing a Chihuahua and a half bred Pug. They look pretty similar to the real deal, except for a slightly longer snout, and slightly thinner legs. These teacup puppies are not recognized by the AKC as well as other respective kennel clubs. Even a full-grown teacup pug will be the size of a puppy all its life.

How to choose?

The are many problems one can face when choosing tea cup pug as a pet ,it is so nice and enjoyable to have a teacup pug as a pet but the number of times we have to visit the vet is really high. As already mentioned, a teacup pug is the ‘runt’ of the litter or a crossbred pup.

It is very small in size and plagued with a number of health problems. These pugs often suffer from hypoglycemia, knee and hip problems, brain defects, kidney problems, heart ailments, brittle bones, skin disorders, and many more.

These teacup versions are pretty fragile and can be easily injured and even killed. They are small enough to be vulnerable to being stamped upon or dying under the weight of some heavy object falling over them. They are not a good choice of pet for children under 8 years of age.

They may handle the pug roughly or may not understand the correct way of caring for these pugs. This can lead to severe injuries and bone joint dislocation in the pug. Teacup pugs may prove to be great pets, but keeping him safe and taking care of the pet should be in a vise manner.It is the weaker one of its litter and, therefore, more prone to health complications.

Many people are interested in teacup breeds, but they also motivate the breeders to breed such a weak dog .It is our responsibility to take care of the pet so nicely though they looked healthy.

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