The History of Teacup puppies

The History of Teacup puppies

The History of Teacup puppies

The opinion of the majority have been changed by taking the tea cup puppy as the modern phenomenon who had the idea of the toy pup the modern phenomenon.The concept and idea of keeping these kinds of dog takes us back to the past .Ancient humans breed several varieties of dogs for different purposes.

Some dogs were bred to be hunting companions, others as watchdogs, some are produced for the purpose of war, and finally other dogs are bred as pet companions. In recent times, archaeologists have found several dog remains in Germany, Russia, Belgium and the Middle East.

The toy and small dogs domesticated by ancient humans were used as a food source and used for fur. Other dogs were bred as pet companions that are treasured by their owners and serve as status symbols for wealthy humans much like in modern times.

Teacup puppies History

The reason of not having tea cup dogs during this period is Teacup dogs are impractical during this era of history. Teacup dogs today must be given careful maintenance of their heath, and the ancient humans have no or little way of doing it and they were not aware of a kind like that.

The idea of using a Toy or Teacup dog as a source of food is unfamiliar (and horrible) to modern day sensibilities, but for ancient humans, it was an entirely reasonable thing to do.

The best example of a small dog used as a food source is the Chihuahua. The Chihuahua were said to have originated from another extinct dog breed called Te chichi that was favored as a companion dog by the Toltec’s one of the ancient civilization of Meso america. There is plenty of archaeological evidence that other Mesoamerica cultures favored the Chihuahua’s ancestor as a pet. Places like the Great Pyramid of Cholera and Chechen Itza has lots of material to show the evidence.

Teacup pugs History

The Aztecs used a small dog that is nearly hairless as food and it was mentioned that these dogs were raised and sold as food products in the markets of ancient Mexico. The conquistadors also said that the dog was found in high numbers in the Chihuahua region as the place would later be named.

it’s a special point that the Teacup dog breeds did not exist during this early period. Unlike Toy dogs producing a Teacup puppy or dog is a modern day thing. However, the selection processes for removing or enhancing traits in dogs like head shape, size, coat length, temperament, and nose width remain the same. Also the way of treating the dog and all has been remained the same.

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