Teacup Pugs

Teacup Pugs

Teacup Pugs – All you need to know

Teacup pugs are not separate breeds. The term ‘teacup’ is used to refer to the size of these dogs. Before purchasing a teacup you should know the proper details of the pet.

Similar to pugs, teacup pugs are compact, muscular dogs with square features. They have a heavily wrinkled face with a black, snub-nosed snout. These dogs have an even temperament and are very friendly in nature. Pug puppies as well as adults are very playful and love to ‘box’ their toys with their feet.

They do not require a lot of exercise and a short daily walk, with some light playtime at home, is enough for them. Their wrinkles need frequent cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dirt in them. Also, daily brushing of the coat will help keep shedding to a minimum and keep it clean and sleek.

Teacup Pugs – Half-breeds

The Half breed pugs are the pups, Teacup pugs, are always obtained by mating 2 genetically defective parent pugs. These pugs are also called toy pugs, miniature pugs, mini pugs, or micro-mini pugs. They are so tiny that they can easily fit into teacups. This fact is always highlighted by irresponsible breeders to sell them off to unwary customers. These pugs are actually called ‘runt’ by many breeders. They are smaller than their litter mates and are always weaker.


Crossbred Teacup pugs are also half breeds. They are half breeds obtained by crossing a Chihuahua and a half-bred Pug. They look pretty similar to the real deal, except for a slightly longer snout, and slightly thinner legs. These teacup puppies are not recognized by the AKC as well as other respective kennel clubs. Even a full-grown teacup pug will be the size of a puppy all its life.

How to choose Teacup Pugs?

The are many problems one can face when choosing a teacup pug as a pet, it is so nice and enjoyable to have a teacup pugs as a pet but the number of times we have to visit the vet is really high. As already mentioned, a teacup pug is the ‘runt’ of the litter or a crossbred pup. It is very small in size and plagued with a number of health problems.

These pugs often suffer from hypoglycemia, knee and hip problems, brain defects, kidney problems, heart ailments, brittle bones, skin disorders, and many more. These teacup versions are pretty fragile and can be easily injured and even killed. They are small enough to be vulnerable to being stamped upon or dying under the weight of some heavy object falling over them. They are not a good choice of pet for children under 8 years of age.

Teacup pugs Height and Weight

Common grown teacup pugs height is about 4-8 Inches, Weight up to 6-10 Pounds.

Living Conditions

The Teacup Pugs sear great for those who lived in a small studio or apartment. They are comparatively active inside and so no need for a bigger backyard. Cannot survive the too hot or cold climate and should be kept inside of the house at a comfortable temperature.

They are solid dogs with little, straight legs. They want daily walks. While walking the pup must be made to heel alongside or behind the person holding the lead, as nature expresses the pup the leader leads the way, and of course leader gonna be a human. They love active games and regular exercise will be great for this type.

Nevertheless don’t overdo it, especially if you understand that they wheeze. The smooth, short-haired coat will be easy to groom. Brush and comb on a daily basis and shampoo once a week. Dry them thoroughly after a bath so the pup does not get uncomfortable. The crinkles on the face must clean regularly.


The Teacup Pugs are keen, with a happy attitude, Active, as well as they are trustworthy, loving, and friendly with the family. On another hand, they are playful puppies and highly smart. This breed will be a bit intentional if they sense that they are stronger minded than the persons around. The teacup pugs are very sensitive to master’s commands, thus punitive actions are pointless. They loved an owner who is cool, yet stable, assertive, and steady with the instructions.

These Teacup Pugs will neither nervous nor dull. They were decent watchdogs, very keen as mentioned above. They are OK with other dogs and animals and pug imperfectly with both kids and guests. Pugs without solid human leaders can convert to jealousy, and begin to show defending actions, such as guarding stuff, food, or other spots in the house. This conduct will be only shown when dogs are allowed to take over. If the owner shows correct leadership this behavior can be rectified.

Health Risk of Teacup Pug

Because of the tiny size of teacup pugs dogs, have a lot of health issues rather than other types of dogs. These puppies can’t live in high temperatures whether and also hard to stay in a cold environment as well. They are facing into squash up nasal passages, also respiratory problems.  Pugs have a lot of issues with their breathing.

For the reason that of their squashed faces and shortened airways will cause to some breathing matters, wheezing and sniffing. This will get worst in hot and cold weather. Moreover, we need to be on an alert for these puppies rather than other types due to their size. Because if the dogs were to get caught up under human feet in the home and stepped on.

Apart from these issues, the other matters concerning their personalities, overall care, grooming, and intelligence stay the same. They will be kind of trustworthy buddy dogs with the owner as typical pugs

Why Teacup pugs face health issues

Lots of teacup pugs born with heart murmurs and 40%will suffering chronic heart valve disease. Teacups is liable to rise enlarged hearts that simply give out after time.

If they miss one meal their blood sugar level drop uncertainly low

Due to the Teacup pug’s size, it’s very hard to treat. Veterinary tools not made in a small enough size to treat teacup dogs.

These dogs have tiny little bladders which make them difficult to stay dry all night long.

This will lead to repeated urinary tract infections and eventual incontinence. Their tiny size makes it hard to regulate their body temperature. So puppies need to be watched without facing too cold or too hot.

They are more familiar to seizures, hydrocephalus, respiratory, digestive problems, and blindness.

Their livers are tiny according to their body size so appropriately flush out toxins which will lead to a liver shunt.

Their baby teeth are not losing and this is common so it should be removed.

Teacup pug health issues

Breeding teacups with other dogs and stunting their development, even more, certain teacups develop a lack of minerals in their bones which will lead to osteoporosis in the future.

These tiny little bones are fragile and will break from even a little fall from a sofa

Because of the tiny size of teacup pugs, dogs have lot of health issues rather than other types of dogs.

These puppies can’t live in high temperatures whether and also hard to stay in a cold environment as well. They are facing into squash up nasal passages, also respiratory problems.

So the best choice is to choose between a real Teacup Pugs and a teacup Pug which will be crossed between the Chihuahua and Pug. Whichever go larger and met all features you want, otherwise stay tiny and adore the odd tiny little Chug for what it really is

Life Expectancy

Teacup pugs long last for 13 to 15 years if they grow with a healthy background.

A Teacup Pug fell in a weight group which is lesser than the Toy group of dogs. Fully grown Teacups will weigh from 2 to 4 pounds. Because these little weight Teacups dogs are high in demand, so breeders can make a high profit with this demand. Most breeders ask high amounts for the tiny teacups, asking $250 in the low range and up to $3,000 per puppy.

Because of his demand breeders can earn a massive profit, so a lot of breeders is manipulating the usual breeding procedure. Therefore these puppies will cause many health problems in the future. Pedigree puppies are already at a risk for health difficulties that can affect their life.

So in this case purebred animal that has been manipulating to be smaller than usual will be shorter in lifespan. Some of the health matters that Teacup pugs and other Teacup dogs suffer stem from the smaller organs that are inside of them.