Teacup Poodle

Teacup Poodle,The Real Information You Can’t Afford to Miss

Teacup Poodle

Teacup poodles; the cutest dog ever.

Teacup Poodle, Doesn’t matter the size, these Poodle breed dogs are well-known as a smartest dog in the world today. They are very flexible and they will act well in house.

Teacup poodle are easy to train dogs, so it’s great for first-time dog owners. But the Teacup Poodle need regular grooming. The disadvantage of this breed is being flimsy and also having several health matters.

Teacup Poodle can be identified in three sizes, which are standard, toy and miniature. Standard is the largest out of above mentioned three sizes, Approximately they are forty-five or more pounds

and fifteen inches. The miniature weighs roughly fifteen to twenty pounds and fifteen inches tall. Toy poodle is the smallest group out of three groups weighing around ten pounds and less than ten inches in height.

All breeder of toy poodles got own size classification for these puppies never the less according to my knowledge adult poodle should weigh 4 Lbs or under and shoulder height will be 8 inch. Though the normal teacup weighs around over three pounds, sometimes there are some poodles weighing less than 3 Lbs.

There is a myth that teacup poodle are not healthy dogs. There are chances of dogs having health problems which is common for all breeds but teacups bred by a trustworthy breeder from a healthy way and bred precisely to be tiny are healthier.

It is essential to purchasing a teacup poodle from a reputed, skilled &knowledgeable breeder who are specialized in teacups. Teacup Poodle will live for fifteen or more years generally, this is the same as the standard, miniature, and toy poodles.

Tips to take care of your teacup poodle

Let’s talk about the advantages of having teacups. Due to their tiny little size, it is very easy to handle even for a little kid, easy to lift, take for outings and they will be permitted in places where some places not allow larger dogs.

Teacups are ideal for apartments, condominiums, and small houses which don’t have much space, they require less space rather than other dogs. Feeding them are less expensive and in the other hand grooming also easier than other types of dogs.

Though teacup poodles are wonderful loving breed as well as intelligent, but not fit for everyone. Teacups want lot of care and company, therefore it is not a good selection for persons who are away from home for long hours.

As there are tiny, they are brittle. So not recommended for teenagers. They will easily injured if mistakenly step on or drop the puppy. So they need all-time to supervise them then they do not fall or injured. Teacup poodles is a perfect pet for people who need a tiny little puppy

Teacup Poodle
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Some other names of teacups


Teacups groomed to show the standards the figure has to be square appearance. It has roughly a similar length to the height at the withers. Skull has to be the rounded shape. With long, square muzzle. Oval dark eyes. Ears of teacup are hanging handy to the head as well as long and flat. All legs are equal to the size of the puppy.

Topline is straight and flat. The tail is usual and carried high. Some owners docked the tail half to style the dog look extra stable. Dewclaws are some times taking off. Feets are normally oval-shaped, slightly small and the toes look arched.

Coat of teacup is sometimes curly or corded. They are available in various colors such as black, blue, silver, gray, cream, apricot, white, brown and red. Sometimes breeders are breeding parti-colored Poodles. .

Teacups are faces to numerous genetic diseases. These are some common diseases IMHA (Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia), slipped stifle, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disorders, PRA, runny eyes, ear infections and digestive issues. Common eye problems are cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy which will lead to blindness. Brown teacups are faces to become prematurely gray.

Living Circumstances

The Teacups are good for apartment livings as mentioned earlier. They are active in the house and they do not need a back yard to play.

# Toy Teacup Poodle will live for fifteen years and it will be 13 to 16 commonly.

# Miniature Poodle – Average lifespan is fifteen years and range will be 14 to 16 commonly.

# Standard Poodle – Average lifespan is twelve years and range will be 11 to 13 commonly.

# Klein/Teacup Poodle – Averagelifespan is thirteen and half years, and range will be 12 to 15 commonly.

# So both Toy and Miniatures live for 15 years, in other hands, Standard Poodle shows somewhat shorter life expectancy.  Klein/Moyen (a European size) will drop into the middle.

In detail, a well-documented case includes aTeacup Poodle born in 1908 who lived a long, cheerful life of precisely 28 years and 218 days and passed away in August of 1937.

Teacup poodle
Image source – Pinterest

Health Issues

Common health issues of poodles

 Addison’s disease (this doesn’t regularly fatal if we treat early and treatment is given it can be cured)

 Gastric dilatation-volvulus AKA bloat (this is very fatal and most frequently seen in Standard Poodles, but if feed well and organized, proper exercise and found early signs, can be cured easily)

 Thyroid issues

 Tracheal collapse (This is common for Toy Poodles, but not fatal and but in some cases it will lower quality of life)


 Hip dysplasia

 Bladder stones


 Cushing’s Disease

 Sebaceous adenitis

 Juvenile renal disease

About exercise

If exercised well Teacup Poodle will be a healthy Poodle. Dogs need to do exercise and it has to be daily moderate exercise. So extreme exercise can be harmful to the puppy. Mostly some Toy Poodles jumping from heights. It will lead to legs, knee, hip and/or back issues.

Exercises help a puppy release pent up energy, which makes them more relaxed. Holders who take benefit of long walks to impart healing commands and to join socialization exercise will find that daily walks clue to a better-behaved puppy, which directly lead to improving quality of life.

These are some physical, health advantages as well. When a puppy receives steady workout, it helps to avoid:

# Stroke

# Arthritis

# Becoming overweight

# Heart disease

# Some types of cancer