Teacup Maltipoo – Is This Trendy Crossbreed Right for Your Family?

Teacup Maltipoo

Origins of Teacup Maltipoo’s?

Teacup Maltipoo – This puppy was initiated in the USA. The purpose of breeders was to form a tiny little companion pet who is lovable. A lot of individuals think that Maltipoo is a purebred dog. Nonetheless, this puppy is a blend of two dog types. People who identify the correct nature of the Teacup Maltipoo consider them as fashionable hybrid dogs.

Well-grown Maltipoos are like a Maltese poodle mix which somehow true that dog is a mixture of a Poodle and a Maltese dog. Equally Poodle puppy and the Maltese dog are hairy puppies. As a result of the combination of these two breeds has produced a very gorgeous, feathery dog.

So the Teacup Maltipoo has a hereditary fuzzy aspect of both its ancestors while it only got the tiny size mannerism from its Maltese side. Easily people can say that the puppy is a Maltese poodle combination kind of breed, but this superior dog with its features, character, and livability will attract people.

Characteristics of Teacup Maltipoo

As mentioned earlier Maltipoo dog is a mix of a Poodle dog breed and a Maltese Teacup dog breed. They look like Maltese poodle combination, but most of them are designer dog category because breeders intentionally breed Maltese Teacup dogs and Poodle dogs to create Teacup Maltipoo dog. Whether the puppy is a full-grown Maltipoo or a pup, it is a loving, energetic, lively, and playful puppy.

Maltipoo is a perfect companion for older kids as well as elderly people. These types of puppies are brilliant select for those who are nervous or first-time dog owners.

Maltipoo is an easily adaptable pet. They are ok to live in a house or an apartment, this little do not care about the environment. Because Maltipoo dogs like to be with people especially owners who love them back, they do not willing to live in kennels or outside their homes. On the other hand, if you are a person who does not be at home for long days, of course, this is not the type of pet you need.

The appearance of Teacup Maltipoo

Size:  Teacup Maltipoo typically weighs about 4-5 lbs as a fully grown adult (normally less than 2 lbs at age of 2 months), as opposed to the weight of a regular-sized Maltipoo which would be 4-11 lbs as a fully grown adult.

Color:  Maltipoo originates in a lot of colors, most generally they are white, black cream, grey, silver, black, and light brown.

Coat:  Maltipoo is usually identified for their wavy fur and for its hefty shedding, this is mainly due to their parents which are both precise hairy puppies. On the other hand, the owner has to do a lot of brushing and grooming for this dog regularly.

Personality & Character of Teacup Maltipoo

Socialization:  Teacup Maltipoos are tremendously friendly pets to humans and animals, so this dog will be for your family if you own other animals and this is an added advantage.

Though, and dissimilar other cross dog breeds such as the German Shepherd Husky Mix, the Teacup Maltipoo are not your best choice if watching for a guard dog to you because of how friendly they are with everyone they meet, even broad strangers.

Always be alert if the teacup left alone for long periods, the Maltipoo faces separation anxiety.

Exercise: these puppies are endeavor on living an energetic life and need satisfactory amounts of workout in their daily life.

The advantage is that unlike other crossbreeds like the Labrador and Pit Bull Mix which need huge backyard space to go around freely, but Teacup Maltipoo can do the daily exercise they need by roaming around an apartment just fine because of their tiny size.

Health of Teacup Maltipoo

The crossbreed between a Teacup Maltese and a Poodle frequently results in a healthy Teacup Maltipoo, if that it’s done by high quality and ethical breeder.

Decent breeders will get an irregular puppy that’s meaningfully smaller than the rest of the puppies as part of a litter.

However, bad breeders will go out of their method and try all possible to create that they are only breeding for dogs that will grow up to lesser weight than the standard weight, which will let them to tag all these dogs as “Teacup Maltipoos” and make a massive profit.

Sadly with this method puppies are facing some health issues that affect equally parent breeds which are passed down to the Maltipoo, even when proper breeders are selling you these Maltipoo, including:

Skin disease

  • Eye disease
  • Luxating patella
  • Collapsed trachea
  • Respiratory problems
  • Easily breakable bones
  • Hip dysplasia
  • White shaker syndrome
  • Hypoglycemia (which can oftentimes lead to coma and death). Sometimes, a little bit of syrup will do the trick, but other times it’s much more serious and the Teacup Maltipoo has to be taken to emergency care.

Caring for Teacup Maltipoo

there is a need to be very aware of when you get a Teacup Maltipoo.

Weather: Teacups will be secured from extreme weather situations at all times because their tiny little bodies cannot handle the harshness.

So in wintertime puppies need a cozy sweater, coat, or vest on and are dressed with any other accessories needed to fight back the cold weather.

Food: first refer to a veterinarian about the ideal diet for your puppy rather than asking others. It will minimize the risks of the puppy’s bad breath, gum infections, and also tooth loss.

Always make sure to strictly stick to the best diet for Teacup Maltipoo since finally, you want this dog losing or gaining any weight without correctly noticing it and taking action to reverse things back to normal.

Don’t forget Maltipoos are less than 4 Lbs, so even the smallest amount of weight gain or weight loss by a 1 pound means a 25% weight gain or weight loss. Also, remember overweight will develop a host of health matters.

Teacup Maltipoo Breed

Placement: Owner has to beware of puppy due to your Teacup Maltipoo is lying on the sofa or sleeping on the bed and it is hard to, so this will be a risk that anyone else makes with this tiny puppy in such a condition will be a danger for its fragile bones.

Beware, sometimes Teacup Maltipoo will be right under your feet if you’re not actively looking around it is so hard to recognize. So these conditions may even cause death.

Kids: it is best to keep kids out of teacups due to the vulnerable bone nature of these Maltipoos.

Because kids will show how much they love it, might carry them up and hug it real tight, which will lead to multiple bone fractures. The kid might want harmlessly to play with the teacup, slowly they will a little bit too rough with it after getting too eager and, bad things might happen. Thus keep these puppies away from children.

Leash: It’s better to purchase a harness on your Teacup Maltipoo rather than getting a collar, as a collar on this small dog’s neck will lead to the collapse of the cartilage rings.


The teacup is a smart, friendly, playful dog who mostly becomes along well with anyone. Calm and enthusiastic puppies enjoy spending life balanced on their owner’s laps or walking beside the owner. They can also be energetic and feisty, and love to play session just as much as they relish a long cuddle. They’re excellent alarm dogs, but don’t expect to provide any kind of protection.