Teacup Maltese – Is this cross of well-loved breeds right for you?

Teacup Maltese – Designer dog controversy

Teacup Maltese, More than half of the world are dog lovers! So now we are going to introduce you a new kind of dog called the ‘Teacup Maltese’. Who is this Teacup Maltese? Maltese are very tiny dogs who are well known for luxurious and long hair. Their origin was traced back to thousands of years ago. The Maltese were commonly seen in the pillows in Asia.

Most probably, these Teacup Maltese are not very famous and their breeds are also not known by many. But many of them have fallen in love at first sight with the Maltese. These Teacup Maltese are popular in apartments.  And also they are willing to sit on the laps. They are too adorable. At present these Maltese have also appeared online. Before adopting such a tiny dog, you must keno the differences between a normal-sized dog and a small-sized dog. Then only choose the best one for your family.

Teacup Maltese

The appeal of the Teacup Maltese

There are some reasons why people love to adopt small size dogs. And some which are even smaller than the Maltese version. Some of the dogs are naturally suited to live in smaller places. People who have small homes or who live in apartments can own such a small dog. When concerning the space one has, this tiny dog is suitable for them.

You have to keep in mind that these Teacup Maltese dogs do not have to exercise as much as the larger dogs want.  The other benefit you have is, if you lack time from taking the dog for a walk, you can even offer the dog a toy dog that could be very fitting for him. Most of the kids and owners love to sit with the dog by keeping on the owner’s lap. They love to wait like that. While the bigger dogs do not show much interest in sitting on laps, these Maltese would prefer the most.

Were the Teacup Maltese bred to be a lap dog?

From the beginning, these Teacup Maltese love to have a snuggly companion. The biggest reason why people love these dogs might be for their cuteness. Anyone will look twice at these dogs. The cuteness of these dogs is enough to make people consider buying them. There are several factors you should know before adopting them. It is not as easy as the large dogs.

Where do these teacup Maltese come from?

As we stated above, these Teacup Maltese are not a separate breed. Before adopting you have to know how they evolved. They were bred through 3 methods. Introducing the dwarfism gene, mixing a standard Maltese with the small breed, or repeatedly breeding runts. These are the pros and cons of each of these methods. We will explore them later as we go through the article.

Mixing a Smaller Breed

One of the ways to make a Maltese smaller is by mixing it with a smaller dog. This can seem challenging because the Maltese are already small. But when they are bred properly they become healthier. This is because of the phenomenon which is known as hybrid vigor.

So, when two whole different dogs are being bred, the percentage of passing down the genetic disorders and the predispositions is immensely low. However, the genetic mix will create a healthier Teacup Maltese. But this mixing will not produce an exact Maltese. Instead, they may have traits from both parents. Two things might happen, it will either exactly look like a Maltese or will not look like a Maltese.

Introducing the Dwarfism Gene

Another method these breeders make these tiny dogs is through the introduction of the dwarfism gene. Usually, the dwarfism gene is a random mutation. Some breeders might also create more than two dogs to create some more dwarf puppies.

Although this might seem simple, there will be several health issues connected to them. There are so many types of dwarfism genes. Each of them creates a different kind of appearance or dwarfism. In addition to that this dwarfism might create short legs, long bodies, and large heads. This also can create structural difficulties in these dogs such as spinal problems, heart abnormalities, and aggression.

Luckily, these Teacup Maltese are rare from this dwarfism. so you do not have to worry about that much. This rarity will also make it tricky.

Is a Teacup Maltese suitable to adopt?

If you hope to adopt a Teacup Maltese, make sure to adopt a crossbreed. And you also need to care whether it is crossed with a healthy dog, if not you will have to take it to the vet daily. It would also be better if there are no kids. Because with kids this might seem somewhat tough. They can easily be injured or mishandled even with a careful kid.

From this, you can start to think about the background of your home, before bringing it home. The stair is very difficult for them, they cannot climb a staircase. Or else just think that you carry him to the upstairs of a room. Then unknowingly, the Teacup Maltese will try to get down. Someone, they may slowly get down. But if it a puppy, he might try to run down the stairs. So this might end up in serious injuries. Always we must remember that their bones are very weak.

Twice a month you must take the dog to a vet. Otherwise, you will not own a healthy dog. Always keep in mind that these dogs quickly get infected with the disease. Try to keep the house clean, because they are subjected to respiratory illnesses as well. Don’t let these dogs play with the kids. It is sure that they will be injured as soon as they begin to play.  Moreover, you do not have to feed the dog four or five times, you can offer him three meals with a well-balanced diet as prescribed by the vet. Enjoy with your Teacup Maltese!