Health risks of Teacup pugs

Health threats of small Pug

Because of the tiny size of teacup pugs dogs they have lot of health issues rather than other types of dogs.
These puppies can’t live in high temperature whether and also hard to stay in cold environment as well. They are facing in to squash up nasal passages,also respiratory problems.

Pugs has lot of issues in there breathing. For the reason that of their squashed faces and shortened airways will cause to some breathing matters, wheezing and sniffing. This will getting worst in hot and cold weather.
Moreover, we need to be in alert on these puppies rather than other types due to their size.Because if the dogs were to get caught up under human feet in the home and stepped on.

Apart from these issues, the other matters concerning their personalities, overall care, grooming and intelligence stays same. They will be kind of trust worthy buddy dogs with owner as typical pugs

What are weeducated about this teacup pugs ?

Do they remain tiny? 
Yes, but always needs tob reed with tiny dogs like Chihuahuas.

Are they actual? 
Yes, nevertheless they are not real Pugs.
Whether it is toy Pug dog, dwarf Pug dog, pocket Pug, micro Pugs there is a problems.
In conclusion, we’ll talk about miniature Pug facts, some more facts about the miniature Pug vs Pug.

As soon as we heard tea cup pugs it’s going to be a problematic subject. You are both purchasing an unhealthy Pug or fit dog which isn’t a Pug. If wants to adopt a real Pugs which stay tiny miniature Pug, runt Pug is the one and only option, and again it is a bad idea as well as no guarantee.

So the best choice is to choose between a real Pug and a teacup Pug which will crossedamong the Chihuahua and Pug. Whichever go larger and met all features you want, otherwise stay tiny and adore the odd tiny little Chug for what it really is.

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