Health of Teacup Puppies

Health of Teacup Puppies

Health of Teacup Puppies

Teacup puppies unusually small in size, these puppies regularly having health issues. Their little stomachs getting tremendous digestive matters. So it’s better to purchase indoor potty mats which will be important investment for long past puppy hood.

They will also having heart issues, respiratory difficulties, and seizures. They don’t live for long as other dogs. Since puppies will face to so many health issues, it’s very much essentials to take precautions, that’s means you have to visit vet more regularly rather than other normal breeds.

This is the worst scenario, because of size of tiny little teacups, it’s very common for them to be unintentionally killed by owners. A minor drop or fall can seriously hurt the puppy. They don’t care about there size, so they will hurdle actively on couches, and play around underfoot without caution. There were some experiences as hurtful as accidentally crushing beloved pet.

In Short: Avoid Teacup Dogs

As these teacups are getting much popular, they are treated as fashion rather than living pet. These puppies habitually face little and sore lives, and also their breeding will not be encouraged.

Teacup puppy industry got lot of scam artists, because of no proper official guidelines or procedures. Some scam breeders can just claim a dog without showing proper details, and they will ask for untrue price, without guarantee. So buyer will end up with very sick, weak puppies and will face terrific suffering when these unnatural dog, it will end up with death.

So better to choose trustworthy breeder before you purchase teacups. And again if you wants to have a teacup dog, get sure to meet with trusted, unfailing breeder. Never ever purchase a teacup puppy from a pet store. Always ask to meet the parents and request a health guarantee from the seller.

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