Health Matters of Teacup Puppies


Health Matters of Teacup Puppies

Teacup dogs can be identified as a small breeds of dogs, these type of puppies are suitable for people wish puppies would stay tiny. However in other hand breeding pets smaller and tiny it’s going to face in to some health issues.

If we buying pet from an unlicensed breeder, that’s going to be a start of trouble in future. In other hand lot of teacup dogs in shelters and rescues. Before you think to adopt a teacup think twice whether you have plenty time and enough money to offer a good master.

Because of their tiny size there more familiar to face into heart issues. These puppies are often weigh as tiny as 4 lbs. Chronic valvular disease happens in up to 40% of puppies. Heart murmur will be grow along with heart valve damage or deformation. In other hand an enlarged heart or dilated cardiomyopathy will be another heart disease common in teacups. Symptoms of heart issues will be excessive panting, rapid breathing, coughing, loss of appetite, fainting and tiredness. As soon as you notify any sign of above symptoms, go visit to your Doctor.

Because of teacups size they are born with fragile hearts, so these puppies will not bare stress. Don’t let these puppies left along at home, they will suffer from separation anxiety or potentially harm himself.

When we talking about stressed dogs they may attempt to hide or burrow out of sight. Unnecessary barking is another sign of stress in teacups. To distress dog, offera peaceful environment background at home, it’s ideal to put him into padded puppy cage or a quiet warm room. Weird people and loud noise going to be a source of stess for teacup, so it is better to avoid these hassles. If you are owner of another big dogs just forget about teacups.


Teacup dogs are facing to low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, which can lead to seizures or coma if not treated. Hypoglycemia going to be deadly for diabetic pets, therefore as soon as shows the following symptoms visit to the doctor:

  • Disorientation or confusion ·        
  • Low energy level ·       
  • Fainting ·        
  • Restlessness ·      
  • Seizures ·       
  • Increased appetite ·   
  • Shivering
If puppy suffered from diabetics, diabetic dog foods should be fed to manage diabetic, while obey to doctor advice.

Liver shunts

A liver shunt means a birth fault of the dog where the liver’s blood vessel guides blood everywhere the organ instead of going through it. The teacup poodle, Shih Tsu and Maltese are more familiar to face in to this issue. This issue is very hard to identify, the main sign of a liver shunt in dogs is weakness or skinny. To get rid of liver shunt better to fed low protein foods and pills to manage toxins in the blood. Though offering some supplements will rise liver productivity or filter out blood toxins, for these puppies its best to see vet doctor before giving your pet anything.


This means “water on the brain” referring to the buildup of cerebrospinal fluid inside the skull. Hydrocephalus will let pressure on the brain and can be developed from a genetic condition. Then future in life as a result of this puppy will face into trauma or inflammation. Lot of teacups breeds are more likely to face into this condition, which roots to their dome-shaped head. Symptoms are as follows:

  • Seizures
  • An enlarged
  • Skullblindness
  • Altered gait
  • Being cross-eyed

In other hand if it is hard to potty training your dog it also a symptom of Hydrocephalus, an effect of the cognitive dysfunction caused by brain swelling. Treatment for hydrocephalus is to drain the built-up fluid. Though, high price of this surgery lots of pets do not get it done. As an alternative lot of them choose medications. If the disease growths or shows severe, euthanasia will be the last choice.


Due to Teacup dogs size they born with tiny bladders, so they need continuous bathroom breaks. As state dearlier, chronic stress will lead to incontinence. To solve this set a timer on mobile to remember your pup’s potty breaks. Redness of the skin and rashes are the symptom of incontinence, along with a bad smell and unnecessary licking. To avoid dog diapers are the answer,however it’s need to change frequently. To avoid this never drop your dog’s water usage.

Bone fractures

One more health issue of teacup dogs is weak bones. Breeders can root osteoporosis, a mineral deficiency, by stunting growth by malnutrition. These puppies face into bone fracture even from a short fall. To avoid bone fractures let the dog alone around heights. Always watch out puppy when playing with kids and pets. Signs of a bone fracture includes excessive whining, swelling and pain, unsteady and even violence. As soon as possible visit to nearest veterinarian, always keep the fractured bone steady ingwhile transportation.


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