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bad side of Teacup Puppies

The bad side of Teacup dog breeds

You have to treat them like a baby toddler when you adapting teacup puppies, and the bad thing is there are several difficulties to grow up Teacup dog breed. It’s better to consider the below matters before you adopt a teacup, whether it will suit you or not.

These breed puppies and also adults are brittle. They will die for sure even a fall that other normal dogs wouldn’t even wink at. These breeds can’t live lonely, and also they couldn’t move with kids without adults.

Teacups are very much familiar to suffer from a huge variable of diseases and the broken bone issue also common than any normal breeds. Because of their tiny body, they can’t live outside without the supervision of the owner due to attacks on other pets and animals.

These breeds got small stomachs and tiny bladders. They can’t grow up like other larger breeds. Teacups want to feed 4-5 small meals per day, then again they want to be let out for potty breaks a couple of times.

So these Teacup dog breeds are not suitable for everyone. You always have to be with these dogs if you are not available to take care of them you better forget teacups. It is better for those who work at home or dog-friendly company, In conclusion, these smallest teacups are going to be high maintenance for you

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