Why Teacup pug faces health issues | Personality and Common Health Issues

Why Teacup pug faces health issues Lots of teacups born with heart murmurs and 40%will suffering chronic heart valve disease. Teacups are liable to rise enlarged hearts that simply give out after time. If they miss one meal their blood sugar level drop uncertainly low Due to teacup size, it’s very hard to treat. Veterinary … Read more

Health Matters of Teacup Puppies | impact of size on pet health

Health Matters of Teacup Puppies Teacup dogs can be identified as a small breed of dogs, these type of puppies are suitable for people with puppies would stay tiny. However on the other hand breeding pets smaller and tiny it’s going to face some health issues. If we buying pets from an unlicensed breeder, that’s … Read more

Health risks of Teacup pugs | Common Health Problems for Teacup

Health risks of Teacup pugs Because of the tiny size of teacup pugs dogs, have a lot of health issues rather than other types of dogs. These puppies can’t live in high temperatures whether and also hard to stay in a cold environment as well. They are facing into squash up nasal passages, also respiratory … Read more

Teacup pug breed info | A Complete Guide To This Miniature Pug Breed

Teacup pug breed info In China in 1600 BC pugs were invented. Slowly Pug’s spread to Tibet and mostly adopted by monks, then its spread to Europe in the 16th century, and after that its spread to the whole world. This breed was getting popular among artists, as a buddy in monasteries, however after that … Read more