Why Teacup pug faces health issues

Why Teacup pugs faces health issues

Followings are the root cause to health issues of teacups puppies

Why Teacup pug faces health issues
  • Lot of teacups born with heart murmurs and 40%will suffering chronic heart valve disease. Teacup are liable to rising enlarged hearts that simply give out after time.
  • If they miss one meal their blood sugar level drop uncertainly low

  • Due to teacups size it’s very hard to treat. Veterinary tools not made in a small enough size to treat teacup dogs.
  • These dogs has tiny little bladders which make them difficult to stay dry all-night long.
  • This will lead to repeated urinary tract infections and eventual incontinence.Their tiny size makes them hard to regulate their body temperature. So puppies need to be watched without facing too cold or too hot.

  • They are more familiar to seizures, hydrocephalus, respiratory, digestive problems, and blindness.
  • Their livers are tiny according to their body size so appropriately flush out toxins which will lead to a liver shunt.
  • Their baby teeth are not losing and this is common so it should be removed.
  • Breeding teacups with other dogs and stunting their development even more, certain teacups develop lack of mineral in their bones which will lead to osteoporosis in future.

  • This tiny little bones are fragile and will break from even a little fall from a sofa
  • Because of the tiny size of teacup pugs dogs they have lot of health issues rather than other types of dogs.
  • These puppies can’t live in high temperature whether and also hard to stay in cold environment as well. They are facing in to squash up nasal passages,also respiratory problems.
  • So the best choice is to choose between a real Pug and a teacup Pug which will crossed among the Chihuahua and Pug. Whichever go larger and met all features you want, otherwise stay tiny and adore the odd tiny little Chug for what it really is.

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