Teacup pug breed info

Origin of Teacup pug

In China 1600 BC pugs were invented. Slowly Pug’s spread to Tibet and mostly adopt by monks, then its spread to Europe in the 16th century and after that its spread to whole world.

This breed was getting popular among artists, as a buddy in monasteries, however after that during Victoria era teacup pugs became fashion accessories. By that time it became a favorite pet of the prosperous. People raise them to assist as a mate.


The Pug in size little, chunky and not a bulky dog. They got little round head with a dull, square-shaped muzzle. The teeth looks tiny undershot bite. Vast, projecting eyes are murky. The tiny little ears looks like button shaped.
On the face teacups pugs got huge and deep wrinkles. Basically tail is curved. The coat is lax, fine and suave. Mostly Coat colors will be apricot, silver, black and fawn.

Height and Weight

Common grown teacup pugs height is about 4-8 Inches, Weight up to 6-10 Pounds.

Living Conditions

The Pug sear great for who lived in small studio or apartment. They are comparatively active inside and so no need of bigger back yard. Cannot survive too hot or cold climate and should be kept inside of the house at a comfortable temperature.
They are solid dogs with little, straight legs.
They wants daily walks. While walking the pup must be made to heel alongside or behind the person holding the lead, as nature expresses the pup the leader leads the way, and of course leader gonna be a human.
They love active games and regular exercise will be great for this type. Nevertheless don’t overdo it, especially if you understand that they wheeze.
The smooth, short haired coat will be easy to groom. Brush and comb in daily basis and shampoo once a week. Dry them thoroughly after a bath so the pup does not get uncomfortable. The crinkles on the face must cleaned regularly.

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