Learn The Real Truth About The Teacup Pug
The truth of the miniature teacup pug is such a breed exists and that the teacup pugs are just a tiny version of a normal pug. If we search in any pug forum members will say you that they have marked teacup pugs and that puppies have kind of unlike appearance than the normal pug. Thus there actually a breed of pugs identified as teacups?

The bitter Truth

Actually tea cup pugs are not really a purebred of pugs, as an alternative they are half breeds. Most common lying’s a pug crossed with a Chihuahua and the out come will be fair lyre mark able. There is a one noticeable difference between teacup pug and normal pure bred, the size of the snout is a bit longer in teacup pug than normal purebred.

Therefore is it ok to breed a pug with Chihuahua? The answer will be yes and a no. all of teacup pugs required C sections. This will be helpful for this type of pug is the point that they have a bit longer snout which will lessen the chance of possible breathing complications. This will be a common issue of purebred pugs.

Though there are certain benefits of cross breeding pugs, there are frequently more complications involved and this is not suggested that breeders should do so. There is a general term in dog society called ‘designer dogs’.

That’s mean intentionally cross bred to produce fresh exceptional breeds that no one else will have. But this is one of the wickedest thing that breeders could do. This is not safe to research in cross breeding dogs unless you are a well-qualified vet who knows what you are doing.

In conclusion there are no real purebred of teacup pugs. As we know there are numerous categories of cross breeds out there and you may be faulty if you see a teacup pug because frequently it’s maybe just a standard pug that’s just a bit tinier than standard.

It is better that you could cross check, inquire the owner if it is in fact a teacup pug. If they tell yes then ask them what it is a cross of. Most of them will just say you that it is purebred but as you now know the facts, there are no such thing as a purebred teacup pug.


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